The Freenode IRC network has a channel called #whatwg where some of the more active WHATWG community members hang out. Feel free to join us!

Note that if you go to IRC to ask a question, it might take a while to get a reply. It can pay off to stick around for a couple of hours or more.

If you want to run a bot, let us know. If they are useful, e.g. providing logging facilities, then they are more than welcome.


Logs for the #whatwg channel can be found here:


To leave a message to someone who is offline you can do:

   botie, inform <nick> [that|to|about] <message>

Source/docs for botie is at https://github.com/w3c/infobot

Getting Started with IRC

The simplest way to get started with IRC, if you are not familiar, is by signing up for a free IRCCloud account. Once you've done that, you should be logged in to the Freenode server by default. All you'll have to do is join the #whatwg channel. If you tell your browser to use IRCCloud for irc:// links, then just clicking this link should also take you there. In order to join the channel, you will need to register your nick on Freenode.

In view of ongoing spam messaging on Freenode, we highly suggest you set your mode to +r in order to block unregistered users from sending you messages.