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Do you have questions on how to use HTML5? If you want to ask "how do I upgrade my HTML4 page to use Web Forms?", "what is a web application?", "why does this not work?", "how do I use HTML5?", then please use Stack Overflow.

It is preferable to interact with the WHATWG community through GitHub, with the whatwg/meta repository as the general discussion place, but occasional announcements and discussion will also happen on whatwg@whatwg.org.


The mailing list archives are publicly accessible.


To subscribe to the mailing list, send an email to whatwg-subscribe@whatwg.org, and then reply to the confirmation email you receive. (Please disregard the suggestion that you follow links to a web site; due to a limitation of our hosting provider, that site is currently unavailable.)


To post a message to all the list members, first subscribe to the list as described above, then send email to whatwg@whatwg.org.


To unsubscribe from the mailing list, send an email to whatwg-unsubscribe@whatwg.org from the address you want to unsubscribe, and then reply to the confirmation email you receive.


The above list is not moderated. If you receive a message saying your message is in the moderation queue, it means it has been caught by our spam filter. Make sure you subscribed and posted using the right email address and make sure you didn't send any attachments. If you still can't get your email sent to the list, please open a new meta issue.

Can I use +1?

Please note that content-free agreement (such as +1s) have no effect on the WHATWG list and are therefore discouraged. Editors of standards discussed in the WHATWG only consider the quality of the arguments presented, and not the volume of agreement.

You should therefore only post to the list if you have a substantive new point to make, for example if you have seen a flaw in an argument presented so far, or have a new idea to contribute, or have some information that has not yet been brought to the table.

Should I top-post or reply inline?

Please reply inline or make the reply self-contained, and trim extraneous quotes from previous emails in your replies.

Basically, please remove anything after the last line you have written, so that people don't have to scroll down to find out what else you wrote, and make sure that your email makes sense on its own, as it will probably be read out of context years later.

That is, you should reply like this:

Ian wrote:
> What do you want?

I want cats!

> When do you want it?


You should definitely not reply like this (because this requires people to read your email backwards):


Ian wrote:
> Is this a good example of how to post emails?

You should also not reply like this (because this leaves people to wonder if there is any text lower down that you have written):

This is a bad way to write email.

Ian wrote:
> Is this a good way to write email?
> Lorem ipsum foo bar baz.
> Unrelated other bits that aren't replied to.
> Yet more text

You should also not reply like this (with no context at all), because the reader will not know what you are referring to:

No, I think that's a bad idea. It wouldn't be good for the readers, for instance.

Quote enough original text or provide an introduction yourself.