The WHATWG is an open, efficient forum for development of useful, interoperable Living Standards that will be used on the web, plus documentation and code that relate to or support web technologies; it is responsive to the interests of implementers and users, guided by a core group of leading developers and implementers of integrated browser engines, and secures appropriate intellectual property commitments from contributors.


The WHATWG is founded on an open agreement and is open to suggestions from all; Living Standards are informed by input from contributors, driven by workstream participants, articulated by editors, and guided by the Steering Group.


Utility for end users and implementers is at the core of standards development in the WHATWG, with a focus on the features and functions that are most likely to be enabled in the leading integrated browser engines.


Editors modify the Living Standards based on available information and community positions, working to bridge differences and move forward efficiently; the Steering Group provides direction and, when substantive technical objections are raised or matters are not resolved within the Workstream, makes consensus-based decisions consistent with these principles.


Workstream Participants and contributors make well-scoped licensing commitments to promote royalty-free licensing for Living Standards.