This is a snapshot of an early working draft and has therefore been superseded by the HTML standard.

This document will not be further updated.


Call For Comments — 27 October 2007

2. The Document Object Model

The Document Object Model (DOM) is a representation — a model — of a document and its content. [DOM3CORE] The DOM is not just an API; the conformance criteria of HTML implementations are defined, in this specification, in terms of operations on the DOM.

This specification defines the language represented in the DOM by features together called DOM5 HTML. DOM5 HTML consists of DOM Core Document nodes and DOM Core Element nodes, along with text nodes and other content.

Elements in the DOM represent things; that is, they have intrinsic meaning, also known as semantics.

For example, a p element represents a paragraph.

In addition, documents and elements in the DOM host APIs that extend the DOM Core APIs, providing new features to application developers using DOM5 HTML.