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8.6. Entities

This table lists the entity names that are supported by HTML, and the code points to which they refer. It is referenced by the previous sections.

Entity Name Character
AElig; U+00C6
AElig U+00C6
AMP; U+0026
AMP U+0026
Aacute; U+00C1
Aacute U+00C1
Acirc; U+00C2
Acirc U+00C2
Agrave; U+00C0
Agrave U+00C0
Alpha; U+0391
Aring; U+00C5
Aring U+00C5
Atilde; U+00C3
Atilde U+00C3
Auml; U+00C4
Auml U+00C4
Beta; U+0392
COPY; U+00A9
Ccedil; U+00C7
Ccedil U+00C7
Chi; U+03A7
Dagger; U+2021
Delta; U+0394
ETH; U+00D0
ETH U+00D0
Eacute; U+00C9
Eacute U+00C9
Ecirc; U+00CA
Ecirc U+00CA
Egrave; U+00C8
Egrave U+00C8
Epsilon; U+0395
Eta; U+0397
Euml; U+00CB
Euml U+00CB
GT; U+003E
GT U+003E
Gamma; U+0393
Iacute; U+00CD
Iacute U+00CD
Icirc; U+00CE
Icirc U+00CE
Igrave; U+00CC
Igrave U+00CC
Iota; U+0399
Iuml; U+00CF
Iuml U+00CF
Kappa; U+039A
LT; U+003C
LT U+003C
Lambda; U+039B
Mu; U+039C
Ntilde; U+00D1
Ntilde U+00D1
Nu; U+039D
OElig; U+0152
Oacute; U+00D3
Oacute U+00D3
Ocirc; U+00D4
Ocirc U+00D4
Ograve; U+00D2
Ograve U+00D2
Omega; U+03A9
Omicron; U+039F
Oslash; U+00D8
Oslash U+00D8
Otilde; U+00D5
Otilde U+00D5
Ouml; U+00D6
Ouml U+00D6
Phi; U+03A6
Pi; U+03A0
Prime; U+2033
Psi; U+03A8
QUOT; U+0022
QUOT U+0022
Rho; U+03A1
Scaron; U+0160
Sigma; U+03A3
TRADE; U+2122
Tau; U+03A4
Theta; U+0398
Uacute; U+00DA
Uacute U+00DA
Ucirc; U+00DB
Ucirc U+00DB
Ugrave; U+00D9
Ugrave U+00D9
Upsilon; U+03A5
Uuml; U+00DC
Uuml U+00DC
Xi; U+039E
Yacute; U+00DD
Yacute U+00DD
Yuml; U+0178
Zeta; U+0396
aacute; U+00E1
aacute U+00E1
acirc; U+00E2
acirc U+00E2
acute; U+00B4
acute U+00B4
aelig; U+00E6
aelig U+00E6
agrave; U+00E0
agrave U+00E0
alefsym; U+2135
alpha; U+03B1
amp; U+0026
amp U+0026
and; U+2227
ang; U+2220
apos; U+0027
aring; U+00E5
aring U+00E5
asymp; U+2248
atilde; U+00E3
atilde U+00E3
auml; U+00E4
auml U+00E4
bdquo; U+201E
beta; U+03B2
brvbar; U+00A6
brvbar U+00A6
bull; U+2022
cap; U+2229
ccedil; U+00E7
ccedil U+00E7
cedil; U+00B8
cedil U+00B8
cent; U+00A2
cent U+00A2
chi; U+03C7
circ; U+02C6
clubs; U+2663
cong; U+2245
copy; U+00A9
copy U+00A9
crarr; U+21B5
cup; U+222A
curren; U+00A4
curren U+00A4
dArr; U+21D3
dagger; U+2020
darr; U+2193
deg; U+00B0
deg U+00B0
delta; U+03B4
diams; U+2666
divide; U+00F7
divide U+00F7
eacute; U+00E9
eacute U+00E9
ecirc; U+00EA
ecirc U+00EA
egrave; U+00E8
egrave U+00E8
empty; U+2205
emsp; U+2003
ensp; U+2002
epsilon; U+03B5
equiv; U+2261
eta; U+03B7
eth; U+00F0
eth U+00F0
euml; U+00EB
euml U+00EB
euro; U+20AC
exist; U+2203
fnof; U+0192
forall; U+2200
frac12; U+00BD
frac12 U+00BD
frac14; U+00BC
frac14 U+00BC
frac34; U+00BE
frac34 U+00BE
frasl; U+2044
gamma; U+03B3
ge; U+2265
gt; U+003E
gt U+003E
hArr; U+21D4
harr; U+2194
hearts; U+2665
hellip; U+2026
iacute; U+00ED
iacute U+00ED
icirc; U+00EE
icirc U+00EE
iexcl; U+00A1
iexcl U+00A1
igrave; U+00EC
igrave U+00EC
image; U+2111
infin; U+221E
int; U+222B
iota; U+03B9
iquest; U+00BF
iquest U+00BF
isin; U+2208
iuml; U+00EF
iuml U+00EF
kappa; U+03BA
lArr; U+21D0
lambda; U+03BB
lang; U+3008
laquo; U+00AB
laquo U+00AB
larr; U+2190
lceil; U+2308
ldquo; U+201C
le; U+2264
lfloor; U+230A
lowast; U+2217
loz; U+25CA
lrm; U+200E
lsaquo; U+2039
lsquo; U+2018
lt; U+003C
lt U+003C
macr; U+00AF
macr U+00AF
mdash; U+2014
micro; U+00B5
micro U+00B5
middot; U+00B7
middot U+00B7
minus; U+2212
mu; U+03BC
nabla; U+2207
nbsp; U+00A0
nbsp U+00A0
ndash; U+2013
ne; U+2260
ni; U+220B
not; U+00AC
not U+00AC
notin; U+2209
nsub; U+2284
ntilde; U+00F1
ntilde U+00F1
nu; U+03BD
oacute; U+00F3
oacute U+00F3
ocirc; U+00F4
ocirc U+00F4
oelig; U+0153
ograve; U+00F2
ograve U+00F2
oline; U+203E
omega; U+03C9
omicron; U+03BF
oplus; U+2295
or; U+2228
ordf; U+00AA
ordf U+00AA
ordm; U+00BA
ordm U+00BA
oslash; U+00F8
oslash U+00F8
otilde; U+00F5
otilde U+00F5
otimes; U+2297
ouml; U+00F6
ouml U+00F6
para; U+00B6
para U+00B6
part; U+2202
permil; U+2030
perp; U+22A5
phi; U+03C6
pi; U+03C0
piv; U+03D6
plusmn; U+00B1
plusmn U+00B1
pound; U+00A3
pound U+00A3
prime; U+2032
prod; U+220F
prop; U+221D
psi; U+03C8
quot; U+0022
quot U+0022
rArr; U+21D2
radic; U+221A
rang; U+3009
raquo; U+00BB
raquo U+00BB
rarr; U+2192
rceil; U+2309
rdquo; U+201D
real; U+211C
reg; U+00AE
reg U+00AE
rfloor; U+230B
rho; U+03C1
rlm; U+200F
rsaquo; U+203A
rsquo; U+2019
sbquo; U+201A
scaron; U+0161
sdot; U+22C5
sect; U+00A7
sect U+00A7
shy; U+00AD
shy U+00AD
sigma; U+03C3
sigmaf; U+03C2
sim; U+223C
spades; U+2660
sub; U+2282
sube; U+2286
sum; U+2211
sup1; U+00B9
sup1 U+00B9
sup2; U+00B2
sup2 U+00B2
sup3; U+00B3
sup3 U+00B3
sup; U+2283
supe; U+2287
szlig; U+00DF
szlig U+00DF
tau; U+03C4
there4; U+2234
theta; U+03B8
thetasym; U+03D1
thinsp; U+2009
thorn; U+00FE
thorn U+00FE
tilde; U+02DC
times; U+00D7
times U+00D7
trade; U+2122
uArr; U+21D1
uacute; U+00FA
uacute U+00FA
uarr; U+2191
ucirc; U+00FB
ucirc U+00FB
ugrave; U+00F9
ugrave U+00F9
uml; U+00A8
uml U+00A8
upsih; U+03D2
upsilon; U+03C5
uuml; U+00FC
uuml U+00FC
weierp; U+2118
xi; U+03BE
yacute; U+00FD
yacute U+00FD
yen; U+00A5
yen U+00A5
yuml; U+00FF
yuml U+00FF
zeta; U+03B6
zwj; U+200D
zwnj; U+200C