This is a snapshot of an early working draft and has therefore been superseded by the HTML standard.

This document will not be further updated.


Call For Comments — 27 October 2007

3.16. Forms

This section will contain definitions of the form element and so forth.

This section will be a rewrite of the HTML4 Forms and Web Forms 2.0 specifications, with hopefully no normative changes.

3.16.1. The form element

3.16.2. The fieldset element

3.16.3. The input element

3.16.4. The button element

3.16.5. The label element

3.16.6. The select element

3.16.7. The datalist element

3.16.8. The optgroup element

3.16.9. The option element

3.16.10. The textarea element

3.16.11. The output element

3.16.12. Processing model

See WF2 for now Form submission

See WF2 for now