This is a snapshot of an early working draft and has therefore been superseded by the HTML standard.

This document will not be further updated.


Call For Comments — 27 October 2007

10.1. Rendering and the DOM

This section is wrong. mediaMode will end up on Window, I think. All views implement Window.

Any object implement the AbstractView interface must also implement the MediaModeAbstractView interface.

interface MediaModeAbstractView {
  readonly attribute DOMString mediaMode;

The mediaMode attribute on objects implementing the MediaModeAbstractView interface must return the string that represents the canvas' current rendering mode (screen, print, etc). This is a lowercase string, as defined by the CSS specification. [CSS21]

Some user agents may support multiple media, in which case there will exist multiple objects implementing the AbstractView interface. Only the default view implements the Window interface. The other views can be reached using the view attribute of the UIEvent inteface, during event propagation. There is no way currently to enumerate all the views.